Apple Is Going to Close All Retail Stores Outside of China Until March 27th 2020

Apple today reported that it is closing the entirety of its retail locations outside of More prominent China until March 27 because of the proceeding with spread of the coronavirus, which means Apple Stores worldwide will be shuttered for the following two weeks.

In a letter telling customers about the store closures, Tim Cook says that China has instructed us that the most effective approach to minimize the risk of the coronavirus' transmission is to reduce populace density and maximize social distance, which is the reason ‌Apple Stores‌ are closing. Apple had just closed the entirety of its stores in Italy and Spain, yet stores in different countries like the US have stayed open as of not long ago.

As of today, the entirety of our stores in More noteworthy China have revived. I also need to thank our operations team and partners for their surprising efforts to restore our supply chain. What we've realized together has helped us all build up the best practices that are assisting enormously in our worldwide response.

One of those lessons is that the most effective approach to minimize risk of the virus' transmission is to reduce density and maximize social distance. As rates of new infections continue to develop in different places, we're finding a way to secure our team members and customers.

We will be closing the entirety of our retail stores outside of More prominent China until March 27. 

Cook says that customers who need to purchase devices or accessories can do as such on Apple's website or through the Apple Store application. Those Customers which need services & support can use Offical wesite of Apple for Support.

Apple have got a plan to continue to pay their workers or its hourly workers during the Apple store closures and has extended leave policies to oblige personal or family wellbeing circumstances made by COVID-19, including recuperating from an illness, thinking about a sick cherished one, obligatory isolating, or childcare challenges.

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