iOS 14 release date and new feature gossip 2020

We are covering every thing you need to know about iPhones and iOS 14, including the release dates and compatible iphones etc . today we will wish list of features for iOS updates of Apples next generation.

Every Year Apple Update it self for major updates to iOS software for running on all iphones . its huge deal, bringing major new features to trillion's devices for free, patching new security bugs and tweaking the way to interface works and making everything looks great and completely different i am talking about the New Generation of Updated iOS 14 Which is comming now.

For the less polished state of iOS 13 were launch apple fans have highly expectations from apple for Next update.
Despite offering new features such as Dark Mode and an overhaulted Photos Application even iOS 13 was not good in running bugs , Seeing Different smaller point updates from Apple in a relatively short amount of time for Try and Getting good performance and Stable iOS 13. 

Even u found reports Believed , but iOS 14 is set to break the trend , for introduction of new internal measure to flag and squash bugs with pulic release.But whats it mean that for the realse schedule? and what will Apple sacrifice features in favour of performance putting. as it was did with iOS 12?

In This Post Article i am gonna present everything you need to know about iOS 14 right now , with including the expected release date , information on the new internal development systems and all other features that will shows in the iOS 14 when it makes it debut.

What is Release date of iOS 14?

Based on previous years we expect Apple to release iOS 14 between 14 and 18 September 2020. Before this, however, expect the announcement and first developer beta around 8 June, and the first public beta around 29 June.

We're still several months from the announcement, but we can look back at previous versions to give us a idea that is strong of release schedule - Every year when it comes to software releases such as iOS, iPadOS and macOS after all, Apple follows the same routine.

iOS updates are generally released in mid September, a week or so after the iPhone launch event.

Here are the past release dated iOS. Spot the pattern?

  1. iOS 13: Thursday 19 September 2019
  2. iOS 12: Monday 17 September 2018
  3. iOS 11: Wednesday 20 September 2017
  4. iOS 10: Tuesday 13 September 2016
  5. iOS 9: Wednesday 16 September 2015

But that won't be the first time we hear about the new iOS. Apple will announce its plans for the upcoming software updates across its range of products at its annual developer-focused WWDC event, which takes place every June - usually in the first week of the month.

After the reveal, developers get early access to the program to ensure their apps are up to scratch because of the time it really is released into the public, which generally happens in mid-September on a yearly basis.

The initial beta release of iOS 14 will come following the WWDC keynote, which could fall on 8 June 2020 despite this being a UK bank vacation in 2020!

You will also be capable of getting early access to iOS 14 by means of a Public Beta, a program that lets eager Apple fans trial the software which help report any bugs before general release. The Public Beta usually kicks off a couple weeks after the developer build is released, giving Apple a bit of time and energy to correct any OS-breaking bugs that developers and Apple insiders might find within the initial build.

We expect the first beta that is public arrive around 29 June 2020.

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